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Muminvärldens mobilapp

Muminvärldens mobilapp fungerar som din personliga guide i Muminvärlden.

Appen innehåller en interaktiv karta med mera info om platserna. Du kan registrera dig i appen och ta i bruk den magiska armbanden. Med den hittar du skojiga upplevelser inne i Muminhuset, Snorkens uppfinningspark och i Häxans hus. Du får också förmånskuponger, som du kan utnyttja genast under ert besök i Muminvärlden.



Moominworld application

1 General


The Moominworld application (hereinafter “the Application”) is owned and made available by Muumimaailma Oy (hereinafter “Moominworld”), Business ID 0925595-8, address: Muumimaailma Oy, Kaivokatu 5, FI-21100 Naantali, Suomi Finland.

Through the application, the customer (hereinafter “the Customer”) can examine and purchase Moominworld products and services (hereinafter “Products”) in accordance with these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to the Application and the content presented in it.  By using the Application, the Customer agrees to these terms and conditions and undertakes to comply with them and with any instructions provided separately through the Application.

The Customer can view the terms and conditions in the Application. We recommend that the Customer save or print out the terms and conditions for future reference.

The terms and conditions of the Application are available in Finnish and English.


2 The Moominworld application

The Application is a mobile service intended for the customers of Moominworld. You can use the Application as a basic-level user without registration or as a registered user known as a Moominworld Family Friend (hereinafter “Family Friend”).

Basic-level users (unregistered users): The Customer does not need to register to download and begin using the Application. As a basic-level user, the Customer can use the Application to receive information on Moominworld products, locations and services. Unregistered users cannot use the Application to place orders or take advantage of the benefits provided through the Application.

Family Friends (registered users who have signed in): To become a registered user of the Application, you must join the Moominworld Family Friend programme. As a Family Friend, the Customer gets access to current benefits and can place orders and make purchases through the Application.

The Application is the Customer’s electronic loyalty card, which the Customer shall present when making purchases at Moominworld.  Family Friends can use the Application to place orders at specific Moominworld sales points and pick up their order at a specified time. The Application provides the Customer with information on matters such as current benefits and offers, the current day’s programme, and valid entrance tickets and other purchases. The Customer can also use the Application to access other digital content.

The full terms and conditions of the Moominworld Family Friend programme are available on the Moominworld website at www.moominworld.fi.

The Customer should use the latest version of the Application to ensure the correct performance of the Application.



3 Product range and prices

The product range presented in the Application does not include all Moominworld products, and the availability of products is linked to the opening hours of Moominworld. All prices include the current value-added tax and other applicable taxes and fees.


4 Orders

4.1 Placing and order

A Family Friend can place an order and pay for it in the Application. The order can then be collected from the pick-up point of the selected sales point. The Customer must pay for the order before pick-up. Some Moominworld sales points do not accept orders through the Application. The Application shows the sales points that accept orders. The time of placing an order refers to the moment when the Customer confirms the order and pays for it in the Application.

Orders placed through the Application are binding on the Customer.

If an order requires preparation, the preparation of the order will begin at the sales point as soon as possible.

With the Application, the Customer can follow when the order is ready for pick-up. Once the order is ready for pick-up, a push notification is sent to the Customer if the Customer has turned on the push notifications in the Application settings.

In the case of orders that do not require preparation, such as orders including games of chance, face painting or other similar service products, the orders are available for pick-up as soon as they have been confirmed in the Application.

Moominworld will make every effort to have the Customer's order ready as soon as possible. The Customer understands that during busy times the preparation of an order may take longer than anticipated and that the order may not be immediately available for pick-up. The Customer is not entitled to any compensation for a delayed order, unless otherwise provided by imperative legal provisions.

4.2 Paying for an advance order

The Customer may pay for their order using a payment method provided by Nets A/S. Nets A/S is a payment service provider offering payment gateway services. 

By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer also accepts the terms and conditions of Nets A/S




4.3 Cancelling an order

The Customer is not entitled to cancel an order. Under applicable law, the right to cancel a contract, which is generally applied to distance selling, does not cover single deliveries of foodstuffs, beverages or other everyday items.

4.4 Late pick-up of an order

Every effort is made to prepare an order as soon as possible. With the Application, the Customer can follow when the order is ready for pick-up. Once the order is ready for pick-up, a push notification is sent to the Customer if the Customer has turned on the push notifications in the Application settings. Orders are kept at the sales point for 25 minutes from the moment the order is ready for pick-up. However, orders are not kept after the closing time of a sales point. If the Customer fails to pick up the order within this time, the order will be discarded. The Customer is not entitled to receive any compensation or refund for the order if the Customer is late for the pick-up. In order to ensure product safety, Products cannot be provided to the Customer after the pick-up time has expired.

4.7 Product complaints

Product complaints should be lodged directly at the point of sale or through the feedback section of the Application. The Customer also has the legal remedies provided by applicable law.

5 Intellectual property rights and the right to use the Application

The Application and its content, including trademarks, business names, product information and images, are the property of Moominworld and/or its partners. This property is protected under laws and agreements including the Finnish Copyright Act and international agreements on intellectual property rights. All rights to the Application and its content are reserved.

The Application may be used for personal, non-commercial use only. Material may be viewed, browsed and saved on a terminal device and parts of it may be printed out for personal use. Copying, storing otherwise, borrowing, forwarding or otherwise utilising the materials contained in the Application even partially is prohibited without Moominworld’s prior express written consent. The Customer shall not use this Application contrary to these terms and conditions, the law or generally accepted practice.

6 Moominworld’s liability

The Application and its content are provided to the Customer as is. Moominworld is not responsible for any errors, omissions or other defects in the Application content. Moominworld does not guarantee the availability of the Application or its uninterrupted or flawless function.  Moominworld is not liable for any costs, losses or other damage which may be caused by the use of this Application or by information provided through it, unless otherwise provided by imperative legal provisions. 

7 Third-party services

The Application may contain links to websites owned or administered by third parties. Moominworld is not responsible for the function, content or other properties of third-party websites. To access these websites, the Customer must first accept their terms of use.


8 The processing of personal data

Moominworld processes and collects the personal data of registered users to provide services and to maintain and develop customer relationships.

8.1 Groups associated with the register, information content and personal data categories

Mobile application

The register is used to process the Moominworld mobile application user’s name and contact information in connection with the device’s unique identifier. The collection of personal data relies on the provision of information by the data subjects themselves and the process is undertaken with their consent.

Some of the data is forwarded to the Moominworld customer management system. The data processed includes:


  •     Name
  •     Email address
  •     Telephone number
  •     Marketing consent
  •     Payment method information (Nets A/S)


Location data is not automatically transmitted outside the mobile application’s management system. The following information is also saved when recording location data:


Beacon-based data via a Bluetooth connection on the user’s device is only collected when the user allows that to happen and when the Bluetooth function is activated on their device (at Moominworld). When the user is using the mobile application, the register saves information on which beacon transmitter area the device’s user has visited at a given time and what content the beacon has activated in the user's application. The register also monitors the use of digital coupons loaded onto the user’s device.  The data processed includes:


  •     The device’s UUID
  •     The device’s model and operating system
  •     The language selection of the Application
  •     The receipt of Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart beacon-based notifications and push messages
  •     The visited BLE beacon device’s identifiers
  •     Time and date of the visit to the beacon transmitter area
  •     Beacon messages display information
  •     Information on the use of beacon coupons and draws and other beacon-based content and functions, dates and times


Online store (Bokun)


The register saves the online store user’s name and contact details with reference to the order. The collection of personal data relies on the provision of information by the data subjects themselves and the process is undertaken with their consent.

Some of the data is forwarded to the Moominworld customer management system. The data processed includes:


  •     Name
  •     Email address
  •     Telephone number
  •     Address
  •     Language
  •     Marketing consent
  •     Order details

o    Purchased services and products

o    Order date



Cash register system


The register only saves details of the data subject’s purchases via the Moominworld cash register system if the data subject wants it to. Authentication relies on an individual identifier issued to the data subject when registering in the Muumimaailma Oy customer register. The cash register system only produces a purchase history, and does not automatically forward it to other systems.

The cash register system receives the data subject’s details automatically from the customer relationship management system. These details are:


  •     Name
  •     Customer number
  •     Language
  •     Customer category



MM 2.0 system


So-called RFID-based data is used when the customer registers a tag with an RFID chip, which is used for functions in the park. These functions may be effects, information boards and other functions providing personalised content. In such cases the following information on the customer is also saved:


  •     RFID tag
  •     Visit site
  •     Information on use, i.e. date and time

The personal data of unregistered users is not collected.


Customer relationship management (CRM) system


The CRM system is the basis of Muumimaailma Oy’s customer register. The system contains master data on those registered. The CRM system also ensures the accuracy of data and prevents its fragmentation and replication. Data on someone registered is transferred from the CRM system to the other systems that require it. The CRM system is also used for the registration of a customer via a separate portal, where customers can also manage their own data later on.

The collection of personal data relies on the provision of information by the data subjects themselves and the process is undertaken with their consent.

The CRM system’s data content:

  •     Name
  •     Email address
  •     Customer number
  •     Address
  •     Telephone number
  •     Marketing consent
  •     Order history at the online store
  •     RFID tag
  •     Customer category
  •     Customer messages

o    Marketing messages

o    Complaints

o    Other communications

  •     Children

o    Name

o    Year of birth


9 Other terms and conditions


Moominworld may change, update, cancel or remove the Application, its content or parts thereof at its own discretion. This includes any amendments to these terms and conditions. The Customer will be notified of any essential amendments in reasonable time in advance either through the Application or by email to the email address provided by the Customer. The Customer must agree to the changes in the terms and conditions in order to continue the use of the Application.

The Customer must use the Application in accordance with the terms and conditions of the application store from which the Application was acquired.

The Application shall be available to the Customer without separate sign-in until the Customer removes the Application from their device. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide, the proper storage of their user ID and password, and taking proper data security measures for their phone/device. The Customer is responsible for all transactions conducted through the Application under their user ID.

Finnish law shall apply to the use of this service, purchases made via the Application and these terms and conditions.  However, if you are a consumer domiciled in the EU, the mandatory consumer protection laws of your country of habitual residence shall override these rules.

Both parties shall make every effort to amicably resolve any disputes arising from this agreement first by negotiation. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, it shall be settled by the competent court of the Customer’s place of residence. The Customer may also refer the dispute to the competent court of Moominworld’s registered office. The Customer may also use their local consumer dispute platform to settle disputes. Please see below for your local platform:


Finland: Finnish Consumer Disputes Board, PL 306, 00531 Helsinki, Finland, www.kuluttajariita.fi

The Customer may submit disputes regarding purchases made via the Moominworld application to be resolved through the Online Dispute Resolution Platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.


10 Contact information


If you have any questions concerning the Application, please contact Moominworld’s customer service:

info@muumimaailma.fi / +35825111111

Muumimaailma Oy


Kaivokatu 5

FI-21101 Naantali

Suomi - Finland


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